Strange behavior on Atom, Plug-ins, and MacOSX

I’m a package author for some time, and last week I found something really strange: my atom package Chlorine (v. 0.1.5) simply don’t work on MacOSX - it run all lines of activate function (I used a console.log on every line to see if it logs), register commands, but somehow it simply deactivates itself, and nothing else works.

The problem is that when I tried to reproduce the error, I found out that only macosx >= 10.13 gives me this strange behavior. I’ve also traced calls to deactivate and such, and it’s not being called. Nothing is logged on the console, nor on the terminal if I start atom with --dev or -f.

The package is written in ClojureScript, and release builds are compiled and minified. The only way I was able to fix this issue was by creating a pure Javascript file with the activation commands and then delegating these commands to ClojureScript side (something that adds no behavior change - I even published, on ClojureScript side, a map with command names as keys and function callbacks as values and it worked fine).

What could be happening? How can I have a better debug information to check what’s wrong?