Strange behavior in syntax colors


I’m seeing some strange behavior I can’t nail down.

When i start typing or click and drag inside the text-editor window/panel the colors of my text/code brightens slightly

What could be causing this?


Does this happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe? What version of Atom do you have, and what syntax theme is that?


I’ll have to try atom --safe when I get home.

I’m using the latest version 1.22.1, it’s also happening in the beta 1.23.x

The theme is my own,

I’m pretty sure it’s nothing in the theme as I’ve combed the code and I have another computer I’m currently using with 1.22.1 and my theme and this behavior isn’t happening. I guess it’s something with another package or option but I can’t find anything.


What operating system?


Mac OS High Sierra on both issued and non issued machines


There has been some incidence of funkiness on Mac regarding how colors are rendered, and if I remember correctly, GPU acceleration was implicated, but my knowledge of the intersection of Apple computers and computer graphics is very small. See if safe mode fixes it for you. If not, it’s probably graphics-related.


strangely enough this started happening again to me on my bootcamp windows os, still macbook pro

I notice that this seems to consistently happen when i focus and unfocus the window, specifically the colors get brighter and thicker when unfocused and dimmer and thinner when focused + no typing