Strange Atom GUI


Hi all,

I used to use Atom and really loved it. It’s been a while since I opened it up on my computer, but for some reason each time I open it now, it displays as this. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled but to no avail. I even deleted the local file after installation, then reinstalled and still the same thing. I cannot seem to fix the issue. If anyone has any pointers, please let me know!

Thanks a lot


That’s the Developer Tools panel. You can toggle it by hitting CTRL-SHIFT-I or clicking the close button (X) below the app close button. No idea why it comes up every time you open Atom.



Most likely because you added something to your styles.less that isn’t compiling properly. If you scroll up on the red text in the lower-right, you can see the error message and it will give you a clue.

Have you taken a look at the Debugging section of the Atom Flight Manual? There are a couple suggestions in there on how to deal with this problem, including resetting to factory defaults.


The error states:

Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘C:\Users\jerem_000.atom\compile-cache\less\30f77a65d0028d0f206d554d33641d5fd64105f3\imports.json’

Any idea?

I have an idea that a cleanup tool might have deleted something I needed. But the fact that each uninstall and reinstall shows the same thing is very strange. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled about a dozen times now.


I managed to fix it. I was not expecting the above layout after a fresh reinstall. This was what I expected (and am used to).

Somehow the .atom folder in C:\Users%USER%.atom was completely hidden and read only, so I had trouble locating it. After using the terminal to access the folder, I inspected discovered its properties. After removing the hidden and read-only attributes, I deleted the folder and reinstalled Atom and it managed to fix the issue.