Storing temporary state


For git-log package, I am providing a select list to select the repo and once it is selected i am using the handler registered using addOpener to create a new class and open the new window

return atom.workspace.addOpener(function(uri) {
    var GitLogView = require('./git-log-view');
            return new GitLogView(host);
    confirmed: (item) ->
        uri = "git-log://" + item.repo_name
        old_pane = atom.workspace.paneForURI(uri)
        old_pane.destroyItem old_pane.itemForURI(uri)  if old_pane uri

I want to pass the item to the class that is being created, so what is the right way to store this data and pass it.


I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but takes an options dictionary parameter:

Those same options are then passed into the callback passed into workspace.addOpener as a second parameter.


@jessegrosjean Thank you… It did look at that. but i did not think that it would pass the options object to the opener… because the addOpener does not say anything about the options but only about the uri.