Stop autocomplete


So when I’m typing a .js file, atom autocompletes a “#{}” for me when I type a # inside of parentheses. Just one octothorpe also produces the {}.

I don’t think its part of the autocomplete package, because that typically just provides a list of possibilities, right? It just automatically adds the opening and closing curly braces after I type an octothorpe inside the double quotes.

Does not do it inside of single quotes.

It only does it with files that have a js extension. Isn’t “#{}” for ruby interpolation? So I’m a bit confused why it’s doing that inside of a js file only.

In any case, it’s annoying as hell, because I’m typing a lot of # inside double quotes in js files recently, and those {} just show up automatically every single time.


Atom doesn’t autocomplete anything or insert any snippets unless you tell it to with a tab or enter. If the brackets are appearing automatically, then some package is doing that. Does the behavior happen if you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


This regression was patched in the release today. If this did not solve the issue, please provide an example I can copy to reproduce it myself.


This was an unfortunate regression in the bracket-matcher package relating to Tree-sitter. That package does (and always has) autocomplete a # to #{} in interpolated strings, but the Tree-sitter definition of “interpolated string” was too loose. Looks like it’s been restricted to Ruby, so hope the behaviour there is wanted by Ruby users.


Yeah, still does it in safe mode, man. Apparently, it was patched earlier today. See below for redirect to github issue.


Right on! Thanks, bud. In the script spec chooser in the bottom right of the editor, it only did it with JavaScript for me. It looked like Ruby interpolation, so I tried it with the Ruby spec, but it didn’t do it there.

Looks like it wasn’t only me though, so I’m just going to keep an eye on my syntax until I get the patch.