Still experiencing a show-stopping crash


I’ve been really loving Atom, but as a front-end developer, I often have large project folders open which feature large, minified assets. If I accidentally click on larger minified JavaScript files, in particular, Atom (not just the document’s tab!) freezes repeatably & indefinitely on both OS X and Windows. This single issue turns my tree structure into a minefield and is preventing me from fully adopting this otherwise completely awesome editor.

Example: grab a copy of A minified copy of a built Semantic UI 2.0 JavaScript library, an asset which enters many of my home and workplace folder structures. Opening this one crashes Atom every single time.


The treatment of large files (minified ones in particular, i.e. everything on one line), has recently been dramatically improved and many seem to have seen no issues with such things since.

But you’re not the first one in the last few days who has found that this is apparently not universally true.

So since this issue has long been known and apparently wasn’t totally fixed by the recent improvements, this open ticket on the repo can be followed for updates on it:


Excellent, thank you!