Stats on growth of packages


The package ecosystem of is somewhat new and packages grow constantly. I’ve been doing some study on the growth of packages (mobile apps, debian packages, etc) and they mostly share a common pattern.

Is there some way such stats are available for atom package repo? I’m right now interested in a basic date vs number of pcakges at that given time. More information could be helpful to do further analysis later.

Any idea where to get this data?



You can query the package DB. I just coded that but it is not released. You can get it from

EDIT: I just noticed it only has the compiled js. I’ll put the source up now.

EDIT 2: It is cleaned up now.


Well, you might be able to do it with apm, but not sure how. But, I will state the obvious because you have not said what you have tried: use the wayback machine and

Edit. fix link