Statistics on mouse clinks on image, video, texts per user


Hello all, i am sorry, i am new here so i am not sure if i am in the right channel to have my problem solved. I am actually on a research work on a user model, looking at a system that automatically identify user’s interest on the web based on his previous experience on the web through his mouse clicks on the objects (video, image, texts and random). I want to know if there’s a system/application that shows the statistics of such object?
Thank you


What you want would require collecting analytics from a bunch of different sites like Facebook and Google, and they collect all of that information for their own purposes. Alternatively, you could write a browser extension that works like spyware that specifically tracks what’s open in the browser window. Electron cannot do this for you, unless you want to do a Brave and have your research subjects use an entirely new browser over the course of the study. I’m sure you could even hack Brave itself to make it do what you want, possibly more easily than such a privacy-violating Chrome extension would.


Thanks for your timely response, I am actually looking at achieving this in the domain of adaptive elearning system.