State of SFTP packages


What is the state of SFTP packages? I know there are 3 major packages and a few minor ones. I am coming from SFTP for SublimeText and it is really my only holdout. Basically it needs to support JIT password (no password in config file) and private keys. Which one would you recommend?


I’m having just as much luck as you in the state of SFTP. All packages I’ve tried have errors that make workflow impossible.


What error does remote-edit have?


I couldn’t get remote-edit working.

I’ll try again now that I’m on 1.0;

I tried remote-ftp, remote-sync and sftp-deployment

What I need is pretty simple:

I’m working on Squarespace development projects; I’ve had great luck working locally using Espresso2 (with LiveReload). A few months ago I tried several of the SFTP packages, but not finding ones that work consistently.


…and remote-sync:


If you don’t get any response from those you might consider fixing them and issuing a PR.

BTW, There is an alternative to syncing inside atom. In linux there is an excellent remote directory syncing package called unison. Any write to either the remote directory or local will sync it to the other immediately. And nothing needs to be installed on the server. It just uses SSH. Hopefully there are equivalent utilities for other OS’s.

One nice thing about this is it is useful for much more than editing source files. I use unison for project syncing and remote-edit for other one-off stuff.