State and plans of atoms internationalisation .- Why is this still not in core?

Dear folks!

I just wondering about why there is still no internationalization plugin for atom, paradison had done a fork of the initial project, But it seems that there are so many bugs or so much to do that he has stoped it.

Currently there is no new project in that direction. So my question is why the core-team-doesn’t implement a solution for translations right from the start where other developers could relay on so that it is just as easy as pie for translators to translate plugins they love just if they like to do. Why not just use .po-files to translate atom and the plugins. the po format is stable and there are just about 1000 ways to edit and synchronize them all over the web.

I am a bit sad that I don’t understand coffee-script otherwise I would start to help out immediately. Are there any plans for the feature?

I know that better international support is something that the Atom team wants to address but they have not communicated any specific timeline.

how can we get information about this ?
Is there a specific project or just a package ?

There isn’t any information to be had, really. When the Atom team starts working on something, I’m sure that there will be a repository or some PRs to track.

long tome ago in a Galaxy named atom v0.75.0 there where local support build in. But the approach we did it just about 2 years ago has changed. Are there any changes documented. in oother words are there some notable issues about support for locals by now?

There is this Issue that is being used to track the need for translations:

hey guys,
I am developing atom-i18n for multiple languages :globe_with_meridians:

currently support: ar, es, de, fr, hi, ja, ko, nl, pt-br, zh-cn, zh-tw
are available in config option but translation is not complete.

Hopefully the enthusiasts can help. :+1:
Guide of translation is prepared.

BTW I will be working on Traditional Chinese :computer:

Any Comments, Issues or PRs to this repo is welcomed. :slight_smile:

@horvan I started using Atom after v1.0 so I have no idea whether this package is using similar approach as you did.

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That’s nice, thanks for taking action on that!

I tried your package and noticed some quirks: If you install it, it does switch the UI to Japanese immediately, including the options to define settings for your package or to disable this. Plus, I wasn’t able to switch the language back to English. Even when I disabled the plugin, the menu was still in Japanese. This behaviour makes it hard for non-Japanese people to actually use the plugin. I think it would make much sense to keep English as the default language.

That’s just meant as a feedback, thanks again for taking action. Maybe I’ll find some time to help you out with the German translation.

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Thanks @derwaldgeist that’s actually what I am trying to enhance right now.

current workaround is:

after setting locale user presses ctrl-shift-F5 to reload Atom to apply translation.

A Patch just sent (v0.1.1):

  • better description in settings page
  • change English as default language when package enabled

This package atom-i18n is based on other i18n package with single language support and
there are definitely several enhancements on the roadmap.

I would try to create a pop-up notification to prompt user to reload Atom to apply i18n.
(on switching language, on disabling/enabling package)


do you know how to fix this?