Stata code not processing correctly



I’m very new to using Atom, and relatively new to Stata as well, but when I run my code to stata from atom, any punctuation characters are processed along with a preceding \ character. It seems to be interfering with my code, and I can’t figure out why this is happening or how to prevent it.

For example
cd “C:\Users\Me\Desktop\File Folder”
gets processed as
cd “C:\Users\Me\Desktop\File Folder”


Atom has no ability to run code that isn’t JavaScript. Therefore, you must be using a package that you haven’t told us about. We can’t be helpful to you unless you give us all of the information needed to precisely replicate what you are trying to do.



Here’s the list of all the packages I’ve installed:
latex (I’m guessing this is the culprit?)

Thanks for your help!


Why would you identify latex as the culprit when you have a package called stata-exec?

As I have said, we need all of the information about what you’re doing. That means the code being executed and the output. Screenshots are preferred, to avoid formatting issues like the one in your original post. For Windows, ShareX is a powerful and open-source application that gives you a lot of options when it comes to how you capture and upload a screenshot.


Perhaps there’s something significant that I’m missing. I’m not suspecting stata-exec to be the issue because as I understand it, that package is what allows me to run stata code in Atom.

The reason I considered that it may be the latex package is because latex uses \ as an escape key for typesetting these characters, and that package may be interfering.


And the issue is with your attempt to run stata code from Atom. You are not trying to compile LaTeX code, so the latex package would not be doing anything.