Startup problem


as i download atom an application shows up …
i run this application and atom install after taking some time.
but now every time when i have to open the atom i have to run the same application again and it install it every time…
it has not any shortcut to open without being installing it every time???


Can you clarify exactly how you open Atom after installing it? Also, what operating system are you running?


how do i fix launching issue of atom editor in my laptop
i’m using windows 8 64 bit
every time i double atom icon on my laptop
Please anyone help me with solution


Where did you download Atom from? Where on your laptop is the icon you’re clicking?


I downloaded it from atom official website and I placed icon on my desktop


I need to know exactly what’s happening. Did you drag AtomSetup.exe to your desktop? Did you create a shortcut from atom.exe? Did you create a shortcut from AtomSetup.exe?


no i did not drag AtomSetup.exe but when it was downloaded
i just double clicked on the AtomSetup.exe which is in my downloads folder


Please right-click on the Atom icon on your desktop, select Properties, and post a screenshot of it.

What happens when you try to open Atom from the command line with the atom command?