Starting Atom with custom platformio-ide-terminal tabs opened



Almost a month ago I asked about a possible enhancement for the platformio-ide-terminal package that I simply don’t have the programming skill to implement myself. I am here to ask if anyone would be interested in implementing this change themselves, because I doubt it’ll help just me. Basically I want to be able to pass options to the atom command (i.e., the command that launches Atom on Un*x platforms like Linux) that specifies the characteristics (like their name, their colour and the directory they’re opened to) of the terminals that are opened upon Atom’s startup. Alternatively, if this is not possible, I would be willing to set these characteristics in the settings of the platformio-ide-terminal package (or if you need to fork this package in order to do this, then whatever you name your fork package). If I am confusing, in my phrasing, please refer to the platformio-ide-terminal issue I linked earlier [1] for an additional, hopefully clearer, explanation.

Thanks for your time,