Starting a process from packed application ( Mac OS X )


Hi guys,

I’m having this very odd issue. I’m working on application that hosts 2 web servers, and express web server that hosts a built version of an angular 1.6 spa, which works nice and dandy, and another backend server, a web socket server that uses mono to run.

The command: spawn(“mono”, [pathName]) works nice

The problem is the following:

  • If I use nom start, the command works perfect.
  • After packing the app with electron-packager, this command gives me and mono ENOENT error.
  • If I go inside the packed app, and double click the generated app from the MacOS folder, everything works perfectly.

Regarding mono, it is installed separately and added to the path. I already tried to use the direct path to it in “spawn” apart from the “mono” short command, and I’m having the same issues.

On windows, the app works great, no problems what so ever. Also, I’m not using asar.

Does anyone had any issues like this ?


Try using