Starting a new atom window brings other atom windows to the current desktop workspace



I start atom with “atom -n” in linux in 1 desktop workspace (I’m not referring here to atom workspaces, but to desktop workspaces aka virtual desktops), then switch to another desktop workspace, start another atom window with “atom -n”, and the 1st window pops at the taskbar of my current desktop workspace. I use MATE, but I verified the sample problem exists in Xfce. I simply want to be able to start new atom windows independent of other atom windows. Is it possible?


Based on, I don’t think this is currently possible. It sounds like the window behavior is controlled by whatever desktop environment you’re using but there’s an open enhancement issue that proposes adding an API to work with workspaces at so in the future Atom could maybe control this behavior.


I’m dumb. I don’t know whose fault it is, and as a dumb user I shouldn’t care, too. All I know is: I haven’t experienced similar behaviour with other text editors. So to me it definitely does not sound like what you’re describing (“the window behavior is controlled by whatever desktop environment you’re using”). It’s seems like an Atom specific bug, and for me, the bug is so fundemental that it practially stops me from even starting to learn to use Atom, which is too bad, as it seems like really cool.


Is there any progress here?