Standard menu services, is that the same menu as when I right click in finder with services in the bottom?


What I what to accomplish is that I want to be able to right click on any file in finder and then run a script on it through my electron app.

I have asked about this a couple of months ago and I got a great answer. At that time I wasn’t able to do it with electron. I ended up doing everything with an automator that then run a script on my computer.
This is the post for that.

The reason I asking again is because of a text in the documentation which you find here: .
It says that there is something called “standard menus” and “services”. is that something I can use to accomplish this?

In the end I want it to be simple to install for the user and then just a right click on the files, what I ended up with last time was kind of hard for non-developer to install. :slight_smile:

If i have to do a install script with a dmg and then implement some kind of automator script to accomplish this, could you please point me to some sort of information or tutorial about that? I have no idea how that works to be honest.

And btw, how would I accomplish this for windows and linux, would that be easier?



I don’t think this is regarding the Finder, but the Apple menu of your app. I could be wrong though!

On Windows, you add to the context-menu through registry entries. The neat thing is, that you can limit that to certain file-types. See this MSDN article for details or How-To Geek’s step-by-step guide.