"Standard Markdown" spec released


Just saw this on @codinghorror’s blog:


Essentially, there is now a formal Markdown parser spec, which aims to canonize Markdown rules.
Probably a good idea to look at the Markdown Preview package for Atom and see if it already passes, or could be adapted accordingly, since this standard seems to be the most promising way forward.

The spec:

The discussion:

ping @kevinsawicki


I’m glad that someone is stepping forward and making this happen. And it looks like they have the right people involved too, from the list of people that cooperated in making the spec. I’m excited for the future of Markdown :grinning:


Yeah, definitely want to support this in the Markdown Preview package.

Want to open up an issue there to get things going?


Done: atom/language-gfm#47

Edit: Oops … just realized you said Markdown Preview. Opened one there too: atom/markdown-preview#133


I think so too. That’s what makes this effort the best candidate to get standardization on the road.
Their forum is quite lively as well, lots of talking points, brainstorming, pros and cons of certain rules etc…