Stacktrace decryption please



I have a simple electron app that acts as a image/video gallery, it stays alive for a long time and adds/removes DOM nodes with images/videos, after a while I face a “White screen of death” i.e. the renderer process dies.

Before I venture into debugging the wonders of memory leaks in my js code, I was wondering if someone could tell me if this stacktrace points to an error in chromium/electron or my app code?

Heap snapshots don’t seem too large going from 8MB to 24MB.
process.getProcessMemoryInfo().workingSetSize starts at around 600MB and grows to 2.5GB before it dies…
Resource monitor shows high usage of the renderer process:





Turns out setting a var to null or [] instead of overwriting it tells js to kill all references, also setting iframe src to about:blank before destroying it helps a lot… if anyone else wonders :wink: