SSL cert error even when strict-ssl is false


Hey there!

I encountered a wierd error while using a freshly setup computer. (Mac Mini running OSx 10.13.6)
Whenever i try to install packages via the Atom config pane it just gives me the following error: ”self signed certificate in certificate chain“.
I already set the apm config option ‘strict-ssl’ to false and i still get the error in Atom.
Interestingly i actually CAN install packages via the apm command in my terminal. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Is there anything i’m missing? I’ve read the usual Questions and answers but they all seem like setting strict-ssl to false is the solution everywhere… and that’s not working for me for whatever reason.

Atom is up to date (1.29.0), system is up to date, i restarted everything multiple times…
I’d be totally fine with installing stuff via apm but since i’m setting up the computer for someone els it would be great if that would work.

Maybe someone has an idea what could be wrong… or maybe i missed an answer somewhere that would help me.

Best regards

Edit: I also compared all settings and the .apmrc files with a machine where everything is working like a charm and i can’t find any differences… I’m just really confused what might cause this.