SQL high-hlighting in a PHP document


I see that SQL statements are properly highlighted when occuring in a string in PHP. But only if SQL keywords are capitilized. Certainly with larger complex statements upper case keywords in SQL statements is distracting rather than helping IMO.

How do I turn on syntax coloring/high lighting for SQL statements appearing in PHP string quotes?


SQL Language is automatically injected in such strings which contain SQL code.

Go to Settings/Preferences | Editor | Language Injections and disable unwanted rules.

Alternatively – disable SQL/database support plugins (since you do not seem to have any need in them).

You can disable it while leaving other SQL highlighting / inspections alone by creating a new IntelliLang injection which specifically does not match DQL.


You got me wrong. I love SQL syntax highlighting. But currently only captial SELECT, FROM, WHERE, USING, TRANSACTION are highlighted not select, from, where, using, transaction.

I did not find a location to change this.


What language packages do you have installed?