Spyder-like automatic find selection?


Don’t know if it’s worth a topic, don’t know the rules of well foruming… I’m quite new to code and very new to atom which I aready love :heart:

Coming from spyder, a feature I liked was the auto-highlighting of similar-to-selected words
I see find-and-replace package which does half and find-selection package doing the other part
Is it possible/easy/worth it/already done to merge those two, resulting in an automatic search after let’s say 500ms of selection of a word ?
Thaaaanks ! Gui

and by the way were do I change the find-and-replace highlight style?


Have you seen the highlight-selected package?

In your styles.less which you can open with the “Open Your Stylesheet” command in the Command Palette.


Thank you leedohm !
The highlight-selected does it wonderfully!
and the styles I found the sheet after posting this
I will calm down and post AFTER searching next times promised

reading Change color of selected text i’m trying this. Doesn’t work for now must have done an error or maybe some pack overwrits this i’ll find myself and again Thank You for the help


atom-text-editor::shadow {
    .highlight.highlight-selected .region {
        background-color: #ffdd55;
    }//for hl package
    .highlight.find-result .region {
        //background-color: #ffdd55;
    }// for find&replace which I let

Found the complete solution on some blog I forgot to take url and looking through dev tools gives all classnames so cool
Opacity is not the cutest looking but it avoids playing with z-index which I fear to do in case some day a layer comes in beetween
This open style thing is sooo cooool got to check for theme creation some day … when I’m old and retired and bored of life