Splitting Panes


Not sure whether this is currently a feature or whether you can get a package, I couldn’t find a definite answer and the one answer I found just duplicated the current open file in another panel.

I have switched over to Atom from Sublime Text 3 and I sometimes use the split panel option in Sublime (CTRL + Shift + 1/2/3/4) to split the screen in to the numeric panels.

Is anyone able to advise on the best solution on this or whether this is in the pipeline?


I created a package that prevents duplication of the text-editor when splitting a pane, and instead just moves the pane to a new tab: pane-split-moves-tab. Hope this helps :smile:


@olmokramer I’m not sure if I could use this or if it’d match my workflow. Could you describe your package a bit more? Perhaps add some images? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!


Sure :smile: I’ve updated the readme with an image, but I’ll also post here:

As you can see, instead of having duplicate tabs after splitting a pane, the tab in the original pane is destroyed.


Thank you @olmokramer!