Splitting Atoms - An Overview of the Editor


Hey everyone, I just started using the editor a week ago and have really enjoyed it so far. So, I wrote a blog post that goes over the configuration files and my discoveries throughout the week. I thought I’d post it here in case anyone would find it beneficial or would like to tell me I’m doing things wrong ;). Thanks!

Splitting Atoms - An Overview of GitHub’s open source editor, Atom


It reads really well and is accurate. One very minor nitpick. You don’t need the line with unset in …

'ctrl-b': 'unset!'
'ctrl-b': 'core:move-left'

Later assignments override earlier ones.


Yes, nice article.

One point of suggestion I’d have would be to add a few more lines referencing this forum a bit more, maybe with another example or two. I think it’s really the number one resource for Atom users (hackers and non-hackers alike), and I think one major selling point is the responsiveness and usefulness this forum brings to the table.


Thanks, I’ve updated the Gist! I think I got the ‘unset!’ from something I copied & pasted and when it worked, I just moved on. :slight_smile:


For sure, I’ll layout some of the form features (the tags, using Discourse, quick replies, good moderation). Did you have anything in mind that you’d like to see?


unset! means to disable the specific binding, which reverts it to the default. For example, say you have bound ctrl-b to core:move-left, but then Markdown mode changed it to md:bold or something. Then you can unset! the key just in Markdown mode.


I’ve published some updates about the forum - just a heads up!