Splitted Side Panel



When developing atom packages, we are always facing a big problem which is “Should we add a new side panel again and again ?”. Most IDE (eg : Visual Studio, Eclipse etc) have side panels splitted in two or three parts (eg : outline + git + …) and it makes it easier to work with because it takes less space, and outline doesn’t need the whole height for example. Atom API doesn’t manage this, and it would be great if we could have an “allowSplit” option when adding a side pane, and a priority system to manage the layout of each subpane.

What do you think about this feature ?

Thank you


It’s an interesting idea. How would you write an API for it?

Let’s say I have a panel that doesn’t need to take up a whole side, but only one partial-panel. Do I add the half-panel and leave half of the panel empty? Do I add the panel and stretch the partial-panel to fill it?

What if I add a half-panel and a two-thirds panel? Do I force the two-thirds panel to share? Do I have two side panels, each with some wasted space?


we could let the user choose, I mean if the package has “allowSplitted” activated, in the config panel it auto add a priority and a size option, and the user define them for every packages, it’s modular and simple (default value of 50 everywhere). If things are badly setup (the case with 1/3 and 1/2), display equally and throw a notification to explain the situation to let the user fix