Split window



I want to split electron window and load two different resources side by side.
Can I get some pointers how to get there?



This sounds more like an HTML/CSS question than an Electron question. How would you do this if it were a web page?


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I wanted to make container for jupyter notebook w/o coding too much…

I want to make http://localhost/tree content (kind of notebook management in case you are not introduced into project jupyter) in one pane and selected notebook content in another.

If I could make electron split window then I would just need to overwrite default actions when I click in notebook tree pane to load content of notebook in notebook pane.

Of course I could be wrong headed as I just started with electron and I’m not into JS frameworks except jquery. But willing to get into.

I guess I’ll go with your suggestion, and try to make this through html and css…


It sounds like you’re wanting to build something that will look pretty similar to Atom’s tree-view and pane system. In Atom it’s all just one web page. This system is called a single-page web application. You load one web page and then everything is just DOM manipulation after that (like Google Maps).


Yes, exactly. I browsed electron example apps, but didn’t quite find trivial example.
Thanks again, it’s now clear where to go next