Split screen with a new browser with atom



I would like to split screen in atom and open a browser in the same window, could you let me know how do i do it in atom


There’s a package for that


Could you share the package details?


The first two listed packages both do exactly what you are asked for and there are probably plenty more on that list. There’s no way around testing any of these to see which suits your own needs best. I don’t use a package like that, so I can’t make a recommendation.


That is an unfair question. Your original question was short and and a bit vague IMO. Yet now expect more from @idleberg? Best you do some ‘homework’ and try the suggested package out.

You are welcome to return with screen captures on what you get
and what you want after installing the suggested package.




I was looking something like this.


It sounds like you’re asking about this Windows feature.


You asked for a solution in Atom (which is what this forum is about!) The screenshot shows two open apps side by side. DamnedScholar already pointed you to a guide how to split any window in Windows.

If you rely on two apps, you might want to use LiveReload for the automatic refresh. There are plugins for Atom and the browser of your choice (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).