Split panes with new empty tab


Is there a way to split panes and also open a new tab as well? Like cmd+opt+2 does in ST?


I think ST has the right direction when it comes to panes. Panes are a layout, you define your layout an then open tabs into layouts. I generally have a 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 layout open and the way atom seems to do it is not fun


Exactly! It would be very nice if there was an easy way to split to several pane layouts (currently cmd+opt+2, cmd+opt+3 and so on in ST).

Opening a new tab automatically would be a good preference setting.


Definitely interested in having multiple columns. This feature is crucial for large displays. The “split pane” feature in Atom is currently very awkward.


Actually it takes a bit of use to but once you got it, it is actually not so bad to use the Atom’s way for this.

Sublime gives you the option to create a new empty split panel, you will then have to open a file in that panel or move open tabs to it.
Atom does this using the document that is currently opened and split it into a new panel, pretty handy IMHO.

  • The Atom way would be to open a document then split it.
  • The Sublime way would be to create a split then open a document in that split.

Atom’s option to destroy empty panels automatically is also great.

The only thing I do not like in Atom is that it keeps the document that has just been split into the original tab, would be great if it could open the new split and get rid of the tab you are splitting at the same time.

I have to agree that the keybindings for split in Atom can get a bit of use to but that can easily be changed in your keymap pref to give you a more “Sublime Feel” :smiley:

I would also love to see a “open in new split” option in the tree when right - click in Atom or on the current open tab.