Split panes results in invisible buffers


Hello everybody,
I encountered a bug related to the way Atom splits panes, but I’m not sure whether this depends on some packages I’m working on (I tested the bug on a clean Atom install under Windows, and it seems to be there).

Atom version: 1.2.1
OS: Ubuntu 15.10 (Windows 10)

These are the steps I used to create the bug:

1 - create three untitled buffers, write something so the buffers will be marked as modified

2- split one of the buffer to the right
3 - drag a second buffer in the right pane, then split again down

4 - close the buffer in the original pane
5 - when trying to split one of the 2 buffers, nothing happens, but the editors are created and they’re detectable in the dev tool

6 - close all the buffers, an exception will pop up

7 - reload Atom, the ghost buffers will be there: they were there all this time (spooky!)

I quickly checked the Atom issues section but I was not able to find any open issue like this. Is my machine messed up, or you guys are able to reproduce this bug too? Should I create a new issue in the Atom repo?

Thanks guys.


If you’ve got something that reproduces an uncaught exception every time then please file a new Issue in the atom/atom repository. Do try to recreate it on the latest Stable version first though. That is the first thing you’ll be asked to do when you file a new Issue :grinning:


That makes perfectly sense, thank you. I’ll try to better look into the issue, then I’ll create an issue on atom/atom.