Split Pane Not Working


Trying to split the panes in Atom, with cmd-k right, nothing seems to happen. No errors in the console either.

Just wanted to raise the issue.

Great work guys!


Aha! It wasn’t immediately obvious. One has to do cmd-k, then the arrow for the direction you want. Awesome.


They should really fix it to be Cmd-K + -> not Cmd K ->, it was confusing for me too.


Wow yeah, that wasn’t clear at all. It’s more CMD + K,


This is weird, it doesn’t work for me!


Super confusing and no UI to suggest it’s waiting for a key.

Something like a box in the middle with “press one of :arrow_up: :arrow_down: :arrow_left: or :arrow_right:” would have helped.


Yep @hunterloftis that would be cool :smiley:
Does the keymap work for you though?
Nothing will do for me bummer have to do it through the command palette every time!


Ok guys all sorted now :smiley:
Add some keybindings issues!


Yeah, this is super confusing. I gave up on this as not working and was wondering why they chose the awkward combination of those three keys. I was just using the split commands in the command pallets. Now with this clarification, it’s working for me.


This doesn’t work for me either.

2011 MBP 13" with 10.8.5

No error, nothing in the console log. Very strange.
Is there a relatively easy way to debug this?


Yes, you can see if the keys are working as expected by using the keybinding resolver which can be activated by the command palette or ⌘.


Is there any other any hotkeys like this? May be nice to add a note because it’s so different.


For further clarification: release cmd-k before pressing an arrow key


I was having a related problem with split panes not working, but instead I was unable to switch pane focus.

⌘ + k, ⌘ + left/right/up/down
Focus pane left/right/up/down

seems to be the correct command but it didn’t do anything. To describe in words what I did, I pressed the ⌘ key and at the same time without letting it go I pressed the left/right/up/down.

Might it be another package intervening the correct behaviour? Or is it that my atom is not updated? I tried checking both but not sure if It did anything to solve the issue… for ur time :slight_smile:


Try opening the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X) and then typing the key combination to see what Atom thinks you’re pressing.


That is so cool.

Well, it thinks I am doing a


how do I disable that?

Also, how do I copy paste (select) from that little pane for Key Binding Resolver?


Duh, another misunderstanding. Not sure if it was written unclearly but I didn’t understand what it wanted. It wanted the prefix cmd-k and then cmd-right or cmd-left. Now it works! Though I learned that cmd+. shows me what atoms thinks I am typing. Thanks.


As ahuwaa said, press cmd-K then release all, then press a direction (ie. right). No need for cmd-direction.

(I’m only posting this because clarity has not been added yet for the user, and it was confusing for me as a new user.)


Is there a ‘pane:split and move left/right/up/down’ keybinding or way to make it work? It took me a while to get ‘pane:split and copy active pane …’ but I don’t care about copying it, I want to move the entire pane. Anyone have suggestions?


Since v1.9 Atom has had drag-and-drop pane management:

You may find it easier than dealing with the commands.