Split Buffer Into Columns


Is it possible to split a buffer into multiple sections inside a tab (like pages in a book)? I know you can copy a buffer to another tab, but I am looking for the ability to be able to scroll both at the same time. Meaning, the first section overflows from the bottom into the top of the next section (again, like a book). I tried to solve it using CSS column-count and flex boxes, but I obviously do not know enough about the Atom layout. Also, I searched the packages and did not see anything that did this.

The idea is to be able to edit a file without wasting all of the screen space (for code or for plain text). Using “Split Right” technically is a solution, but I do not see it as a functional solution since you have to manually manage each tab. Also, if at all possible, I would like to do it all in CSS.

Anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, or comments?


In the Atom UI system, tabs (actually PaneItems) are indivisible.