Spinning Icon Feature

I totally love the spinning icon feature. Unfortunately I have to give it up. When it spins, changes to the file next to the icon not saved. One of the things I have observed about programming smooth, reliable of the “save file” operation is a quality of life issue. When the icon spins, it is like adding to the duration of the scamdemic lockdown. lt is time I never can get back.Instead the file just stays the same and spins toward inperpetuity.

You can see it in this animated gif. It is the grap file.

I tried stabbing but all that did was wreck my screen.

Any ideas what makes this feature comfortable at my place.

I was only kidding about loving this spinning icon. Why is it doing this? Truth be told, I hate this thing a lot. I might go insane if I don’t find a way to make this stop happening.

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Does it happen when you start Atom with atom --safe?

It happens very rarely. Restarting atom always fixes it. Not sure how to work --safe into the workflow, unless I was going to run in safe mode all the time.

No big deal.