Spelling in English only


I just upgraded to 0.124 and discovered that spelling is set to English and can’t be changed – at least I don’t find the button to do this. I am not quite sure about the behaviour in other releases as I don’t use the editor often. The spelling package says that it uses the system default on Mac OS X, but I am using Ubuntu.

Any hints?

Make Atom usable for "foreign" users

It looks like the spell-check package relies on the npm spellchecker module. Looking into that, I found this:

which looks like it depends on hunspell. You may want to submit an Issue or Pull Request on the spellchecker module to add more dictionaries and then maybe something on the spell-check package to add a configuration for it.


Problem still there in 0.165, on Linux at least, don’t know if it’s the case on other OS’.
There is an issue reported for the spellchecker module but it hasnt been updated in a while.
Don’t know if this is being considered…
I do hope so, it refrains me from using Atom for basic text editing so I’m not using it as my default text editor as I would love to do.
Thanks to whoever can help.


For future reference, the tracking Issue is:


Is there anything we ordinary users can do to help? If you point me to some nightly build repository I am willing to test the international spelling feature at least in German.

The cited issue of node-spellchecker is closed, so I think it is up to the Atom core team to implement the feature. Am I wrong?


The tracking Issue for adding support for the new node-spellcheck feature in Atom’s spell-check package is here:

Anyone who is interested can submit a Pull Request to add support for this, not just the Atom Core team.