Spell checking not working despite all my efforts


Hello everyone,

I apologize for bringing out this issue but I promise I have tried everything I could find and I am still unable to make spell checking working in Atom.
I am writing a document in Latex and the misspelled words are not underlined (but while typing, I get auto-completion suggestions).

I am using Manjaro Linux (which should be similar to Arch) and the last Atom version.
In the settings of the Spell-check package, I have added this in grammer: text.tex.latex
I also have hunspell installed and tried the suggestion of this post: https://discuss.atom.io/t/spell-check-i-cant-get-it-to-work-at-all/28708/4?u=alessandro, which returns true.

Can anyone suggests anything?
Thanks a lot


If you’ve exhausted all steps in the documentation, the maintainers of the package are more likely to be able to help you than us.


How many dictionaries have you got (use hunspell -D to check for hunspell)?


Oh I think you put me on the track … This is what it returns :

Can’t open affix or dictionary files for dictionary named “en_US”.