Spell-check Module HTML Tag Recognition and Custom Word List


These questions regard both the spell-check and the spell-check-test modules. In Settings for both these modules I have these grammars listed:

source.asciidoc, source.gfm, text.git-commit, text.plain, text.plain.null-grammar, text.html.basic

And the “Add Known Words” checkbox is checked.

  1. When I have an HTML file open I see red underlines that indicate misspelling on all HTML tags. These are a distraction from webpage content I want to check spelling in. How can I get either of these modules to recognize HTML tags so that they will not indicate as misspelled?

  2. In Settings for these modules what is the word delimiter for the word list in the “Known Words” field? How is more than one word entered here? I initially expected the delimiter would be a space character. But I find instead if I use the space character to separate words it becomes part of the spell check. The space character causes a multiword character string to be compared against for correct spelling. So right now I can use these field only for one word.

  3. How can I create my own word dictionary I could put a path to in the “Locale Paths” field in Settings?