Spell-check mac shortcut (noob question)


Hi guys, I downloaded and install Atom today and spell-check package was automatically installed. Its documentation says that shortcut to bring up the list of corrections is cmd-shift- , but when I select the word and press these two keys (both left) don’t work.

well, how exactly should I do the combination? select the word before? put the cursor after the last letter? press a key before and other after? use right keys?

I just want to use atom to write drafts for my blog with markdown :confused:

p.s. sorry for my english


The spell-check documentation says to use cmd-shift-:. This keybinding works for me, so I assume the problem is because you left out the colon.


… It’s what I do and it doesn’t work. I put the cursor on a misspelled and then press cmd-shift-


Are you pressing the : key at the same time? The documentation says cmd-shift-:.

This is a weird idea, but are you using a monospace font with no colon character?


omg, this is embarrassing, I was pressing ; instead of : ,

my apologies! :cold_sweat:


No problem. :slight_smile: