Specifying package dependencies


A related tangent for @thedaniel: It sure would be nice if we could specify package dependencies in package.json (for atom packages) :smile:: Depending on Other Packages.

The user experience of README.md: “hey, you installed my package”… “but it doesn’t work until you install x, y, and z packages” is suboptimal. A significant user population will shrug and move on without installing said packages.

Canonical linter for Atom?

Agreed about making inter-package dependencies more explicit. The service hub will be a first step, but additional awareness of package dependencies would be a good idea.


@nathansobo: service-hub is on it’s way to the autocomplete-plus API. It just would be great if each autocomplete-plus provider could also say (in package.json for autocomplete-superawesomenewprovider):

Hey, if the who is user is installing autocomplete-superawesomenewprovider doesn’t have autocomplete-plus installed, this autocomplete-superawesomenewprovider requires it to be installed to function correctly, so please install autocomplete-plus first, and then autocomplete-superawesomenewprovider.


@nathansobo @joefitzgerald @thedaniel FWIW, it looks like Package Control for Sublime just added sublime-package dependency support. I think it would a very welcome and awesome addition if Atom packages could specify dependencies that would be auto-installed if they weren’t already installed. </tangent> :smile:


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:hammer: Got it @leedohm :blush: