SPC from Spacemacs


When you press Space (SPC) in Spacemacs, it shows this window with all commands you can execute.

And they are grouped by categories. For example SPC p for the project’s commands, SPC f for the file’s commands.
File’s commands

So you can press SPC f s to save file or SPC p c to compile project.
It’s similar to Command Palette Ctrl-Shift-P but instead of searching you can execute command by pressing couple of keys

In Atom it could look like this - you press Ctrl-Alt-P to open similar window and then just press f s to save a file

Can I make a shortcut like "OO" invoke a command?

If there was entry like File: Save in the command palette typing fs would probably select it first.

Instead it is listed as Core: Save and indeed typing two letters cs go straigth to it.


There are three problems with this

  1. It would be much harder to remember all these possible shortcuts
  2. In Spacemacs you can see all commands and groups on one screen
  3. You need to press Enter to execute


Anywais what’s great about atom is that if you miss a feature you can build it. We already have a VIM-mode so why not a spacemac mode ?


I could definitely see this being a package. It could even be configurable so that people could add their own commands to the various groups.