Spawning Julia


I’ve just installed the Hydrogen package and I’m trying to run some Julia code. I get the message ‘C:\Users\jonathan\AppData\Local\Julia-0.3.6\bin\julia.exe’ could not be spawned.’ blah blah.

I know this wont work because I have Julia 0.3.10 so my question is, how do I get Atom and Hydrogen to point to C:\Users\jonathan\AppData\Local\Julia-0.3.10\bin\julia.exe? I’m a real noob and a couple hours of searching hasn’t helped me too much.


The hydrogen package specifies some dependencies, I assume you have installed them as described for your platform?

Can you add the full error message by any chance?


Yes I have installed all of the dependencies and running code in Python works for me.

The error message I get is:
“C:\Users\jonathan.atom\packages\Hydrogen\lib\ SyntaxError: Unexpected token u”
“Uncaught Error: spawn C:\Users\jonathan\AppData\Local\Julia-0.3.6\bin\julia.exe ENOENT” events.js

I know that it shouldn’t be pointing to Julia-0.3.6 rather it should point to Julia-0.3.10 folder but I don’t know where to do this.



I would probably open an issue on this package’s repository.

According to the description, Hydrogen doesn’t need you to specify the path to Julia, so it figures it out automatically.
Do you have the older version 0.3.6 installed as well, or did so previously?
Is there an environment variable that determines the path to Julia (e.g. PATH itself)? If so, you might just have to correct it there.


Thank you for this.

I did have Julia v0.3.6 installed previously but not anymore. I delete the previous version before I upgrade.

I also have set my environment variable to the path for Julia v0.3.10. I’ve just checked and no other Julia path is set in my environment variables.

I’ll open an issue.

Thanks a lot for your help :smile:


Well, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


So I opened the issue like you said and you were right about not needing to specify the Julia path.

Basically if you run ipython locate at a prompt and open the directory it returns, there is a folder called “kernels” inside. In there was a folder called “julia 0.3” which contained a kernel.json file. This file told Hydrogen to look for Julia v0.3.6. However when I updated my Julia it named the folder “julia-0.3” instead of “julia 0.3”. So Hydrogen was looking in the wrong place.

So I don’t get the error anymore which is great. Hydrogen is just being incredibly slow at evaluating Julia code now.