Spacing between underscores


Anyone knows how to change the spacing between two underscores?


Please elaborate a little in your question. Are you talking about increasing the character spacing in your font?


Sorry about that I was a bit frustrated at the time, when I write two underscores next to one another, they appear as if I had underlined something, not as two separate underscores, like this __ not _ _ I don’t know if its a problem with the settings or the font.


Please could you share with us a screen capture to make clear what the issue is.

Very possible you have a bad font… you need to use a type-writer / mono-space font.
To experiment with fonts… look at the post:


This is a screen shot of what is happening.


That’s a feature of the font you’re using. Changing it is as simple as picking a different font. I use Anonymous Pro and it shows a space in between underlines.


Try this web site to find your perfect match…



So does Source Code Pro.


Thank you all for your replies they were very helpful.