Spacemacs like community driven configurations


I found spacemacs amazing because the community driven configurations save me tons of time searching and testing features and plugins. And the configurations are community maintained in time. I think the idea of “layers” is extremely useful. Would Atom team please consider doing something similar?


Maintaining two completely separate keybinding systems isn’t something the Atom team is going to take on, so any system like what you’re describing would have to be a community effort. Fortunately, someone has already created a spacemacs-like mode as an add-on package:


Thanks for your reply :smiley:

For me the best thing about spacemacs is not keybindings (it’s awesome though). The best thing is about community maintained layers. For a specific subject (like a python or latex IDE) there usually exists many similar packages. And to configure a nice environment we usually have to combine 4-5 packages together. Investigating all of those packages is very time-consuming.

Latex layer dependencies

Python layer dependencies

With spacemacs’ layers I only need to install “python” layer or “latex” layer, all packages they depend on are already well configured and installed automatically. And they are community maintained. I think those layers are the really reason I love spacemacs :smiley: This is a link for your references spacemacs layers