SpaceGray Question


So I recently converted to the Spacegray syntax theme because… well it’s gorgeous for most languages.

But it does this weird thing for “<” open tags when they are inside a string, inside a script… at least that seems to be the pattern I’m seeing:

Anyone know whether that has a purpose, or is it just mistaking this for a logical less-than operator?


Actually, it gets even less consistent in PHP:


I just checked this here and, indeed, it does occur. Bringing up the developer tools shows that these are highlighted by the linter as “invalid illegal bad-angle-bracket html”. Escaping the “<” ("<") removes this error.

You could just add the following to “Your stylesheet” to override.

.invalid.illegal {
  background-color: none;


Oh it’s a linter thing?

But wouldn’t your stylesheet addition practically disable what the linter tries to do, where it might be needed?