Space-pen beforeBefore remove


I’m having some issues with a package I’m maintaining (atom-build) where something with space-pen and a hook it provides beforeRemove is causing issues (reported by devoted users at a ticket on my github page).

A similar issue has been reported in the AtomLinter package (

The thing is, Atom Build is not even using the beforeRemove hook, so the patch proposed in the AtomLinter issue can’t be applied to atom-build.

I’m posting here to get an idea of what’s happening. Is 4.3.1 really incompatible with 4.3.3 (which should just be 2 patch-releases away)?


I’m having a similar issue with space-pen-views. It is adding an empty shadow dom to all my checkbox input tags with empty hooks. And the shadow is empty also.

My problem is that the shadow breaks adding checkbox="checkbox" to my input. So I can’t turn on any checkboxes which makes them useless. I have a ticket in for the space-pen-views repo but haven’t gotten a response.

This is a pretty serious bug.


You might want to check out this PR by @benogle which has documentation on how to update packages for v1.0 APIs, including information about beforeRemove: