Source language based keymap


I keep getting into this issues of 1 package overriding the keymaps of the core or another package and they are totally different languages. for the ctl-up in core will the move the line but with emmet it increases the count.
language key for the keymap would help this situation a little.

Using the same keymap, but in different files?

Actually, I’m pretty certain this was added at one point. Most packages don’t use it, however. You may be interested in this other topic also where we talked about conventions packages could or should use for keybindings:


what do you mean by it was added…?


I mean that the ability to set a keybinding to a specific language scope was added at some point in the past. In other words Atom already has the ability it sounds like you’re asking for.


Found the answer in this post: How do I scope a keymap to a grammar?

“atom-text-editor[data-grammar=‘source js’]”
“atom-text-editor[data-grammar=‘source css’]”
“atom-text-editor[data-grammar=‘source json’]”
“atom-text-editor[data-grammar=‘text html basic’]”