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This seems like such a no-brainer… maybe I am missing something… When I’m searching for packages, why can’t I sort the results? 9 out of 10 times I want the plugin that has the most downloads or stars. On rare occasion, I would like to see the most recently published first. The current sorting methodology is completely useless for me. I’m not interested in sifting through piles of plugins that I don’t have time to experiment with, I need know which one is the most widely used because this almost always means it’s the most stable.


While I agree that sort options would be nice, I think sorting is determined by how close the result is to the search term. For example, when I search for “nsis”, packages starting with “nsis” appear first (e.g. nsis-ide), but most people are probably looking for language-nsis. When you know this, you optimize your search keywords accordingly.


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