Sort remote files as displayed by remote-ftp alphabetically (files & folders mixed)


Hi everyone.

I got remote-ftp working as the only ftp addon that worked for me. Now if i install tree-view, remote-ftp displays local files and folders as i would like them to be displayed (alphabetically, files & folders mixed) if i chose the option in the tree-view settings accordingly. But this does not affect the display of the remote files. Is there a way to have these sorted alike? Thanks for any hint, this sorting thing starts to … , well, better stop here, cheers to everyone.


Actually, not the sorting thing … Usign Atom 1st time to be compatible with an agency (they asked me to). Not sure yet if i become a friend of it. I did not suppose to have to test quite some addons to get a remote directory listed. Now i found one but the way the sorting works drives me crazy, really does. Do addons (here: remote-ftp) have ‘hidden’ config switches or is it good practice to mess with the addon’s files to affect the sorting? Which files would that be? And so on :confused:


It looks like remote-ftp uses these two functions to spawn its list of items, and it does that by reading folders and files separately and concatenating them. It has a simple default sort function that would be easy to alter. To make your own changes to the package, just clone the repo and use apm link inside the folder. APM will create a symbolic link inside .atom/packages/ that points at the folder you’re currently in, and when you open Atom it will load the code you have elsewhere on your hard drive.

Not usually, and not in this case, but it’s possible.

is it good practice to mess with the addon’s files to affect the sorting?

It’s fine as long as you use the instructions I gave above. If you mess with the files in .atom/packages/, your changes will be overwritten the next time the package updates.


That sounds good. Concerned with other stuff today but i will try it as you suggest. Thank you very much, DamnedScholar.