Sometimes Atom forgets my recent files and Project Folders


Occasionally (seemingly quite often), I’m forced to re-add every Project Folder to Atom, as they seemingly disappear sometimes.

Another thing I should also mention is that the bottom (left to right) scrollbar somehow seems way too small. I always end up clicking slightly above it and then it scrolls down really rapidly.


This sounds like an issue with your theme. Which themes are you using?

Atom stores this kind of information based on which “project” you have open. The project is defined as which directory you open when you start Atom. So, if you:

  1. Start Atom with atom ~/foo
  2. Add ~/bar, ~/baz and ~/quux to the list of project directories
  3. Close Atom
  4. Start Atom again with atom ~/foo

You’ll see all four project directories.

But if you replace step #4 above with "Start Atom again with atom ~/bar", you won’t see all four project directories. It will appear to have “forgotten” them.


Okay, so if I right click a file and Open with Atom, that’s why it forgets my projects? Wouldn’t it make sense to have them restored if I were to open Atom again from the Start Menu?


It hasn’t actually forgotten anything. If you open the same primary root folder, it will open all the related project roots. When you open Atom from the icon, it simply opens the last project. So yes, if you do this:

  1. Open a project with multiple roots, the first one at ~/foo
  2. Close Atom
  3. Right click and open with Atom (or any other action that opens a new project)
  4. Close Atom
  5. Just click the Atom icon

It will open the project from step #3. But if you start Atom with atom ~/foo, you’ll get the project from #1 open again with all the multiple roots restored.


I’m stuck on how to make Atom remember my project folders, too. If I:

  1. Open Atom and close all open windows
  2. Use the File menu to open a folder: /foo
  3. Add a Project Folder from within /foo: /foo/bar/deep/project_folder
  4. Close the window
  5. Use the File men to open folder /foo
  6. The project folder /foo/bar/deep/project_folder is not in the tree view

Did I do something wrong?


If foo is already in your tree view on the left, why do you want to add a subdir of foo to the tree view? You can just open the directories to navigate to it.

I hope that this naive question leads the conversation into a useful direction.


I often work on websites that have frequently edited files deeper in the folder hierarchy. Navigating down to them uses up a lot of vertical space in the tree view. And there are 2 or 3 such sub-directories I work out of.