Something seriously wrong with autoupdate?


Hey all! I posted a while back about my Atom taking it’s time to read that an update is available, it took I think around 3 days to finally see it and then update, this time it’s 8 days and in that time there’s been 3 versions of atom since and I can’t get 'em :confused: is there anything I can do to force the update?


You can just download the latest installer, use it, and cross your fingers that the problem won’t happen again.


I think I might have to… it has never been this bad… maybe a problem with this version


@paulcbetts Does the Windows version check a different web service for the latest version? Because I’ve never seen this multi-day delay that @TreyTaylor and @mark_hahn are reporting …


Not as far as I know, it’s all


How long is your delay from seeing the release post to getting it?


If I do Check for Update, there hasn’t ever been any noticeable delay.


So you aren’t using auto-update. That could definitely make the difference. I’ve never done it manually.


Check for Update triggers the same mechanism as “auto-update”. Atom only checks for an update automatically on startup … or when you select Check for Update.


I think that is what this thread is about. You aren’t relying on this, right? I start atom 100 times a day and it still takes days.


@TreyTaylor asked if there is anything they could do to force the update. The Check for Update menu item will force Atom to check.

But also I have noticed no lag between there being a new release available and getting the squirrel icon on startup, not days, not even hours.


I usually use the check for update, it takes around 20 mins to check and then it produces ‘No update is available’…


I am experiencing the same issue - I didn’t even realize I was so behind until I saw this thread. I’m on 0.182.0 for now, going to try to upgrade today.


Sounds like you’re not able to connect to the web service. Are you behind a proxy? Can you install packages from inside the Settings View?


I can install packages, themes and update said packages and themes, tis just Atom itself


There is definitely something fishy going on. I do nothing, which is the use case for any auto-updater, and it takes days. I’m not complaining. It kind of like being on a stable branch giving package authors time to fix things before I use them. I guess it’s not good for the users of my packages though.