Something like a Hyperlink



I am not a programmer nor have a good knowledge on text editors, but I write and I just love Atom.

I wanted to know if it is possible to place a link inside a text in Atom that opens or redirects to another Atom document on the same folder where the first document was? I wanted to create something like a wiki for my worldbuilding and ruleset book project.

Althought I learned how to use a theme, I don’t know how to use a package, if that is necessary for this task. Also, is it possible to put images on a text(I really think it is not possible).


All of what you’re asking about is possible. Everything you see inside Atom is defined by HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The text editor can display images just as easily as a web page can. Similarly, it’s possible to link from one file to another (you just use the file:// protocol instead of http://).

If you haven’t seen it already, I want you to check out the Markdown Preview package. It’s part of the core, so you can get to it from the Packages menu in stock Atom. You can write your file in Github-Flavored Markdown and the preview pane will give you a styled document.

Now, if you want links and images to be displayed inline in your text editor, you’ll need some Javascript. There are some packages that might get you close to what you imagine, like this one for previewing images from Markdown tags. I haven’t been able to find any package that claims to allow clicking on a link to open a new file in Atom.