Something cool i'm working on


Im working on a new view where a text file isn’t the smallest bit and allows you to view other functions and create new functions extremely fast. I’ve created a proof of concept in an atom-shell but will be moving it into a package for atom. I have prepared a small demo gif bellow using the following file. Would love feedbacks or other projects which attempt the same fluidity.

function main() {

function other() {
  var j = 0;

function test() {
  var i = 0;


Sorry to be harsh, but I don’t get your description. Can you elaborate on what you want to accomplish and what situation is seen in the image?


what is your package meant to do?


The image is an animated gif. Open it in a new tab and you can see what it does. It’s a little difficult to describe what it is doing. I probably would never use it, but the function view portion seems neat.


Actually I like the Idea. It’s a great way to enforce functional programming. I’ll give it a try once you have it ready. :smile:


Actually, I’ve watched it and I’m struggling to understand. I get that it just shows me the current function in a box, and when I move the cursor over another function, then that opens in a new box. And I can somehow create new boxes. But beyond that, I’m not clear.


The idea is that rather than opening files, you open functions within a file. you can open a function by typing it in the search bar, or by selecting it in other function. If the function exist it will show it with a red border, if the function doesnt exist it will show it with a green border. Functions that have there title in ititics arnt permantly open. once you focus on them thou they will be open, and in the case of a new function it will create that function.