Someone invite me, please


If you’d like an invite, enter your email at GitHub is slowly sending out invitations on a regular basis as the scope of the beta grows.

If you can’t wait and would like a member of the community to send you an invite, reply to this topic with your email address.

Who knows? Someone might send you an invite.

Someone invite me, please. my mail here

Atom Invite Issues
Invitation error when I invite myself
Invitation error when I invite myself

Invite sent :wink: Enjoy!


Can I have one please ?


A little bit cheeky I know but could I join the party too please? :smile:


Pretty please, me too mah email


I’d really like an invite too if someone’s feeling generous. :slight_smile:


Me too if anybody has a spare:



done - don’t forget to share :wink:


Many thanks Dennis! Who’s still looking?


Well… I am :slight_smile:

Thx !


It’s yours. E-mail address please.


I would love an invite as well if you have more to spare! Thanks!


I’d also really appreciate an invite.


Thanks, I’ll edit the post if I receive one.

Edit: Thanks @thegreyjoy For future posters, you can hide your email using mailhide.


I’d love an invite if anyone feels like it.


Edit: Thanks @jleight


Same here - if somebody has an invite left, I would be very happy! :slight_smile: Email:


The only problem limiting me from publishing my ZenTabs package is my personal account not being invited yet. I’ll do it as soon as somebody invite my email

EDIT: it’s been done. As promised, here is my ZenTabs package


Would love an invite too, please.


If anyone is able to share, would love an invite:


I’d also really appreciate an invite.

I look forward to developing it.



One invitation for me as well please!!